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Mar 02, 2022
In Share Your Memory & Photo
I gave Uncle Bobby the name "Wonderful" one day while we were sitting on his backyard swing. He asked me why Uncle Perfect had a nickname and he didn't. He had a great point and so Uncle Wonderful got his nickname that day. I have so many memories I want to share about this wonderful man. I'll start with the summer of 2009 when my high school friends and I decided to go on a week-long camping tour across Texas. One of the last nights we were at Glen Rose State park and Uncle Wonderful told me he would come visit our campsite. We were horrible campers and were starving after several days of not being able to get a fire started. Uncle Wonderful came and cooked us THE BEST HAMBURGERS OF OUR WHOLE LIVES. There's a picture of us all on that day somewhere, but I can't find it! Another great memory is when I went to his psychology classes with him one summer. I was probably about 9 years old. I thought I was so cool going to college classes. He was a phenomenal teacher and his students loved him. He always kept it real with them and I could tell he was a father figure to many of them. When I was 12 he was visiting us in San Antonio and he sat on the couch with me. He said, "Alex, what do you want to be when you grow up?" I asked him what his job was called and he said, "I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor." I told him I wanted to be whatever he was and from that day forward that was my plan! I caught my first fish in his backyard pond. I remember he made a really big deal about it and made me feel so special. I loved riding in his old army jeep to feed the horses and going to the feed store. He taught me not to be afraid of his mean geese and I became a goose whisperer after that (I can catch an attacking goose lol!) Uncle Wonderful was a father figure to me. He was always there to listen and give me advice. I'm so grateful he was in my life and I will miss him so much.


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