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Mar 19, 2022
In Share Your Memory & Photo
I have mentioned this particular memory many times because it is just so funny to look back on now. We have all taken turns living with Bob when we have either been down on our luck, or just needed a place to help us get our feet back on the ground. That was just the man he was. I managed a restaurant during one of these times so I would always bring food home for Bob and Jake when I would get off work. I have to mention this. When I would take food home from the restaurant, I would write on the to go box "Shauna’s food DO NOT TOUCH" and stick it in the walk in cooler so that the servers would know it was not for them to eat. So. There was one night I had gotten home late so I just put the extra food in the fridge at the house. I woke up the next morning and Bob had written on the box. “my house, my fridge, my food”. I was MORTIFIED. I was sooo confused by it at first, but realized that Bob thought I wrote that on the box for him to not eat my food!! (and he was not impressed lol!) I called Jake and begged him to please call him and tell him that note wasn’t for him! I didn’t know how I would ever face him again, but luckily very soon after it became a running Joke between Bob and I, Especially after I explained the whole situation. We would crack up every time we brought it up after that! If you know Bob then you can only imagine how it played out in real time. Writing this down doesn’t even do the story justice! I love Bob very much and he will be truly missed everyday! 💙💜💛


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